Dating back from the cradle of mankind the principle of "first impressions build later perceptions!" has influenced the way humanity views and relates to their internal and external environments. The perceived later perceptions inevitably affects our cautiousness mainly because we believe changing the perceptions costs a fortune. It is for this simple reason that MWSD Consortium Pty Ltd is in the business of transforming industry through state of the art products and services. We provide a comprehensive design approach within the context of a humanistic perspective which considers the psychological, sociological, emotional and physical needs of individuals and corporates. Our service profession emphasizes its attention on changing lifestyles, tastes, technology and recognizes special environmental needs, demographic changes and growth in all areas of our interest


Our commitment is to be the outstanding industry player in producing products of exclusive quality as well as taking the delicate challenge of offering unquestionable service delivery in all our business units all tailored to re-enforce the adopted values of Quality, Loyalty and Professionalism to the local, regional and the international markets; increasing our market share through service delivery, creating and maintaining a position within the competitive edge as well as integrity in handling our clients.


MWSD Consortium aims to achieve the vision through;
- Offering dynamic and professional service quality to all our clients
- Maintaining a sophisticated approach in valuing customer satisfaction
- Developing and maintaining mutual relationship with our clients to
facilitate growth in market share as well as improved corporate image
- Maintaining a concrete key accounts portfolio based on mutually beneficial
outstanding business relationships to keep the business afloat

Business Values;

MWSD Consortium Pty Ltd is driven by;
. Quality; We are dedicated to producing quality products and offering services that are tailored in accordance to clients' specifications
. Loyalty; Building and maintaining a loyal client base and getting staff that is committed to the future of the company
. People; Attracting and retaining competent people, ensuring the development of key competencies essential for business and success as a strategy for re-enforcing our human resources policy
. Integrity; Hard choices and trade off about what is good for the client, company and value creation without sacrificing quality and standards

Economic Empowerment Policy;

MWSD Consortium Pty Ltd is fully BEE Compliant. We have adopted a strict empowerment policy which aims to enhance the plight of those from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. Our policy stipulates that 100% of our staff compliment must consist of Historically Disadvantaged individuals (HDI)

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