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About MWSD Consortium

MWSD Consortium Pty Ltd is an investment company that was established in 2009 as Hagro Projects specializing in Interior Design Projects. In 2014 the company had interests in Manufacturing of Ceramic and Fibreglass products, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Construction and Renovation and Facilities Management Projects obligating rebranding to MWSD Consortium to incorporate state of the art services into its existing portfolio. Our services are designed to cater for private, residential, commercial, institutional, industrial clientele in all sectors and other businesses of interest. MWSD Consortium has an established human resources structure as well as established client base in specific niche markets and this edge is steering the organization towards the realization of its set objectives Besides strategic planning and management pertaining to the wide spectrum of the divisions, we are involved in the day to day management of these individual business units transforming strategy into tangible profitable investments Forecasting at the misconstrued economic climate, MWSD Consortium Pty Ltd is endeavoring to making available their tailor made, sophisticated and customer orientated solutions to the domestic, commercial, industrial, public and private sector so that they may indulge in our exclusive touch. The company is situated in Johannesburg with its main objective being the elimination of poverty, job creation for sustainability to the economically disadvantaged.

Mission Statement

Offering dynamic and professional quality service to all our clients, maintaining a sophisticated approach in valuing customer satisfaction and establishing personal relationships with our clients


To be the most trusted, preferred and quality orientated facilities management company in Southern Africa

Business Values

People and

Economic Empowerment Policy

MWSD Consortium is fully BEE Compliant. We have adopted a strict Empowerment Policy which aims to enhance the plight of those from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. Our policy stipulates that 100% of our staff must consist of Historically Disadvantaged individuals (H.D.I)


Air conditioning and Refrigeration| Plumbing and Heat Pumps| Electrical Installations and Maintenance| Security Systems| Fibre-glass and Swimming Pools| Corporate Social Investment

Air conditioning and Refrigeration

Our Refrigeration and Air Conditioning division services the Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning and Refrigeration niche markets throughout South Africa. Our operations include installation, maintenance and repairs of Air conditioning Systems, kitchen canopies, Galvanized steel ducting for Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation systems. Moreover, we specialize in the design, manufacturing and installation of Cold rooms, Freezer Rooms and Chiller plants for residential, commercial, supply chain, health care, hospitality and other associated industries.

Plumbing and Heat Pumps

We install energy serving pool heat pumps and geyser heat pumps to residential, commercial and industrial clientele. Switching on to these energy serving units will ensure reduction in energy costs. Call us for more information.
Domestic and Swimming Pool Heat Pump Installations
Timer Installations
Geyser Blankets
Rain Water Harvesting
Maintenance Plumbing
Construction Plumbing
Bathroom Renovations
Solar Water Geysers
Burst Geysers
Civil Engineering Works
Underground Pipes
Septic Tank Construction
Septic Tank Emptying/ Cleaning

Electrical And Mechanical Installations and Maintenance

Our Electrical Infrastructure Division services the domestic, commercial and industrial market:
Electrical Installations
Electrical Fault Finding and Faulty Plug Replacement
Electrical Upgrades
Electrical Maintenance
Certificate of Compliance
High Voltage Cables
Single and Three Phase Installations
Diesel Generating Sets Installations/ Maintenance
Solar energy and Inverter System Installations

Security Systems

Our security systems installations cover residential properties, private properties, town houses, warehouses, industries, prisons, shopping centres, national parks, hospitals We install:
- CCTV camera installations
- Alarm installations
- Electric Fence Installations
- Gate Motor Installations
- Intercom Installations
- Outside Beams Installations (180 degrees by 12m, 90 degrees by 12m). Pet friendly
- Upgrades on Alarm Systems, Remote controls

Fibre-glass and Swimming Pools

Our Fibre-glass division executes specialist custom made fibre-glass projects and products based on client’s specifications encompassing:
Pattern or Mould Making
Fibre-glass manufacturing
Fibre-glass Lining
Fibre-glass Repairs

Corporate Social Investment

The fundamental principle of growth and sustainability is dependent upon industrious and involved communities especially in socioeconomic enrichment. MWSD Consortium strives to educate and empower youth in self-sustaining projects for the advancement of our communities and job creation. We are confident that through involvement with other stakeholders we can build capacity and reverse the plight caused by lack of employment for the betterment of our communities and nation


Our portfolio images on some of the projects the company has worked on

Plumbing and Heat Pumps

Air conditioning and Refrigeration

Electrical And Mechanical Installations and Maintenance

Security Systems

Fibre-glass and Swimming Pools

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